The international financial sector of Curacao has joined forces to organize a large conference on the important theme ‘Curacao… The New Midshore Reality‘. The organizers – CIFA, CIFC and STEP Curacao – have been working together for a long time to inform wealthy clients and families from Latin America and the rest of the world about the many possibilities Curacao has to offer. Steffen Hagen will be speaking during the conference in a co-presentation with Helena Sprenger of Houthoff Buruma New York, about asset protection and migrating risks through bilaterial investment treaties (BITs).

The conference marks the return of Curacao on the international playing field and will elucidate the versatility and adaptability of Curacao as jurisdiction from all sides. Main focus is the development of Curacao as a so-called midshore jurisdiction; a country offering investors the appealing combination of good legislation, strong infrastructure, and fiscal and investment conditions adjusted to international clients. According to the chairman of STEP Curacao, Bas Horsten, “Our theme ‘Curacao… The New Midshore Reality’ is a response to the discussion about the future of offshore and international financial centers. We believe this topic is not just relevant for wealthy clients in Latin America, but for every investor looking for a good balance between transparency and confidentiality. Our purpose is to fuel the dialogue between trust companies, financial service providers and asset managers in the area of global trends, and to provide innovative and suitable solutions for situations that professionals and investors encounter every day.”

The conference offers presentations by appealing experts from all over the world, such as keynote speaker Niall Ferguson (professor at Harvard University and well-known author). Ferguson will be accompanied by, amongst others, Jan Kees de Jager (former Minister of Finance in the Netherlands), Jerry Cohen (former Chief Legal Counsel of the IRS in the US), William Heuseler (Head Wealth Planning of Itaú Private Bank in Brazil), and Joseph Kellogg (Partner Wealth Planning Services at WE Family Offices in the US). The speakers will express their views on the most significant trends, issues, and challenges asset managers and financial service providers face at this time. “A conference on this level is only possible thanks to proper cooperation by the sector (STEP, CIFC, CIFA, IFG, KVK, CINEX), the government, and other stakeholders, and will be the foundation for the further development of our international financial sector,” CIFA chairwoman Anuschka Cova emphasizes.

The conference takes place on 12 and 13 March 2015, in the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. Over 300 participants from Curacao and abroad are expected to attend.

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