Corona (COVID-19) Legal Updates


The worldwide outbreak of corona (COVID-19) has major consequences for everyday life and possibly also for your organization. VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne understands the exceptional situation you might be facing with the additional challenges and questions. In addition to our corona helpdesk that you contact for all your questions, you can find all our publications about the corona outbreak and the influence it has or may have on different industries, organizations, obligations and processes within organizations.

Recent publications


You can contact our corona-helpdesk for all sorts of questions from now on. For example, do you have questions concerning:

  • Reducing labor hours, the obligation to (whether or not) continue to pay wages and the possibilities to command or cancel (holiday) leave?
  • Public order, safety and emergency legislation?
  • Your current (financial) obligations towards counterparties or supervisors?
  • The method of meeting and descision-making? 

The VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne Corona-helpdesk is at your service. You can contact us via