Local government Bonaire needs to reverse ground rent in over 600 cases

Track record

1 April 2014

The Bonaire team of VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne has been assisting various clients in conflicts with the Public Entity of Bonaire, regarding the raise of long lease on the island. As it appeared, the local government applied different versions of deeds in the past, of which some didn’t provide the option to review and some did. Moreover, the local government sent invoices for the raised long lease via the tax authorities, which incorrectly gave the impression that this ground lease is a kind of tax and that even the procedure of enforced collection was possible.

Tom Peeters and Sophie van Lint of VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne already protested via public media against these changed policies. Various legal proceedings have resulted in 600 individual cases already, in which the raise had to be reversed. Next to partner Tom Peeters and associate Sophie van Lint, among others senior associate Thies Leijsen was part of the team as well.