Olaf Komdeur has over ten years of experience as an attorney-at-law and he is an authority in the field of telecommunications in the Caribbean. Within this sector, he knows the ins and outs of both the public and the private sector.

Olaf Komdeur


During his career, Olaf has, inter alia, been employed as advisor of the Minister of Telecommunications and Transportation for two years. In this role, he worked closely together with the Bureau of Telecommunications and Postal Affairs and he was closely involved in, for example, the drafting of the Telecommunications Act.

Furthermore, Olaf was a legal advisor at United Telecommunications Services (UTS) and Digicel and he currently fulfills this role at Telefonia Bonairiano (Telbo).

As a legal advisor at the aforementioned major players in the Caribbean telecom sector, Olaf also gained ample experience in the commercial and financial aspects of this industry. In combination with his in-depth legal knowledge in this field, this turns Olaf into an all-round lawyer, who thinks along from a business perspective.