VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne orguyoso di e muchanan di Rincon


22 July 2020

Education, culture and social education remain important, also during a global pandemic. The Leerorkest Foundation agrees on this. After successful initiatives in the Netherlands, Curacao and Aruba, recently a Leerorkest (learning orchestra) was established in Bonaire as well.

One of the goals of the Leerorkest is to make musical education more accessible, so children of all different backgrounds get an opportunity to learn how to make music and to have an instrument at home to practice with. To accomplish this, the Leerorkest Foundation joins forces with local organizations, such as Mangazina di Rei on Bonaire. 

In the context of establishing a Leerorkest on Bonaire, our firm has assisted both parties by drawing up a cooperation agreement. Our colleagues on Bonaire recently witnessed the first results of this collaboration during the first performance of the Leerorkest on Bonaire. Colleague Tessa Breugom: ‘It was a performance we wouldn’t have wanted to miss; how special!’