Aubrich Bakhuis promoted to Doctor of Law


9 March 2020


On Friday, March 6, Aubrich Bakhuis successfully defended his dissertation Autonomy, supervision and intervention in the Caribbean countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands under the watchful eye of the doctoral committee, family, friends and office colleagues.

For his dissertation, he examined what the meaning is of the autonomy Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten and if yes, how this autonomy is limited by the guarantee function of the Kingdom.

The research lead to the conclusion that the Governors of the Caribbean countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands fulfill a crucial role when it comes to the validity of good governance by the Caribbean countries. The authority to provide a Governor instructions has shown to be effective, because this can prevent more drastic measures having to be taken that substantially affect the autonomy of the Caribbean countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This commitment does, however, conceal a risk to the constitutional independence of the Governor and cause (political) tensions between the Caribbean countries and the Netherlands. As long as there is no possibility for the Caribbean countries to submit a dispute about the Kingdom Government’s action to an independent (judicial) organization, the use of supervisory and intervention powers remains the subject of political and legal discussion.

In the context of his promotion, the Faculty of Law of the University of Curacao and VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne organize an assembly on Thursday the 12th of March, which is free of charge for the public. You can sign up for this by sending an e-mail to

The complete dissertation of Aubrich is available digitally via the Erasmus University Rotterdam.