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Karina D. Keizer
Tel: +5999 461 3400 ext 175
Fax: +5999 461 2023

Speaks: Dutch, English, Papiamentu
Main office: Curacao
Education: University of Amsterdam
Graduated: 2010

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Karina D. Keizer

Karina Keizer is born and raised in Curacao. Before attending law school at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, she got her Bachelor degree in Communication Management. In 2009 she worked as a trainee at Spong Advocaten and Ausma de Jong Advocaten in The Netherlands. She joined VanEps Kunneman Van Doorne in Curacao in 2010.


Karina recently assisted:
  • Signature Flight with its acquisition of Arrindell Aviation Services in St. Maarten
  • Utility company WEB in a dispute regarding reconnecting electricity on Bonaire
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