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Insolvency & Restructuring

Today's globalized marketplace and current economic developments put both companies under intense pressure. That pressure can lead to complex and unexpected situations. You need to manage heightened competition and economic forces whilst trying to deal with internal issues - day to day management and problems in the business structure or model.

Sometimes these pressures become impossible and a well-managed insolvency is the only solution. At other times, high quality restructuring advice can turn around a business. At any time, it is important that these problems are promptly recognized and that properly prepared measures are taken.

At VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne we have a team of highly experienced multi-skilled lawyers who can help in these delicate situations. Our insolvency practitioners have a proven commercial focus and provide frank advice in search of the best outcome – whether you’re a creditor, lender, company director or business owner. Our team is for example frequently involved in the following situations:
For information about the Lehman Brothers Securities bankruptcy please visit our dedicated section and for other bankruptcy cases we handle please visit our bankruptcies page.
Recently we have assisted:
  • As court-appointed administrator in the moratorium of Tierra del Sol, the Aruban golf and condominium resort
  • As trustee in the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Securities N.V. in Curacao
  • As trustee in the bankruptcy of the call centre Talent Factory in Curacao
  • As trustee in the bankruptcy of the Coral Estate and Habitat Dive resort in Curacao
  • Digicel, a mobile telephone provider, in its restructuring and refinancing
  • Dutch bank/Insurance company and local Insurance company on restructuring, reorganization and redundancy of personnel
  • Dutch towage company on restructuring, reorganization and redundancy of personnel
  • Litigation regarding the professional and personal liability of a U.S. receiver and his U.S. counsel
  • Riffort Village in its restructuring and saving it from bankruptcy
  • Trustee in cross border bankruptcies of Air Aruba and the Air ALM Group
  • Trustee of bankrupt estate of Casa Grande N.V. in Aruba
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