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Employees contribute labor and expertise to your business. Employment refers to the relationship between employees and a company, their employer. This differs from the relationships between clients with their principal and, also, from governmental bodies and their “employees”, i.e. civil servants.

The relationship between a corporation and its employees is usually handled through the human resources department. An employment contract forms the legal basis for most labor relations and is therefore of great societal importance. Employees can organize into trade unions or labor unions, which represent most of the available work force in a single organization. Unions are particular strong in the Dutch Caribbean.

Every entrepreneur or company that has employees will sooner or later be confronted with issues relating to Employment Law.
For years, our lawyers have been widely regarded as the specialists on the subject of Employment Law in the Dutch Caribbean.

We advise our clients in particular on:

  • Negotiations with trade unions;
  • The interpretation of collective labor agreements;
  • Statutory rules on mass redundancy or reorganizations;
  • Redundancy payments;
  • Statutory rules on individual dismissals;
  • The drafting employment contracts.

Dispute resolution in this legal area, including dismissal and dissolution procedures, is of course an essential and integral part of our Employment Practice. We act for island governments and local BES-governments alike in their specific civil servants issues. 

Recently we have assisted:
  • A state owned utility company on collective labor agreements
  • Advice and guidance on immigration laws and residence permits
  • Curacao based branch of French multinational cargo company in negotiations on collective labor agreements
  • Curacao Oil Refinery in litigation in relation to strike of personnel
  • Due diligence reviews in various corporate acquisitions, thereby advising clients on employment contracts and other labor issues
  • Dutch bank/Insurance company and local Insurance company on restructuring, reorganization and redundancy of personnel
  • Dutch towage company on restructuring, reorganization and redundancy of personnel
  • Fondo de Valores Inmobiliarios - the project developer of Blue Mall in St. Maarten - as their legal advisor in relation to corporate issues, real estate and employment
  • Island Government of Curacao as defendant in proceedings initiated by employees of state owned garbage company Selikor
  • Netherlands Antilles Government in litigation in relation to strike of prison personnel
  • Shareholders in dismissal dispute with managing director in industrial company
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