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Corporate Litigation

Business disputes are sometimes unavoidable. A settlement may be the preferred solution – but under circumstances it is undesirable. As an entrepreneur, you want to be advised and directed by the leaders in the corporate legal arena (i.e. book 2 of our Civil Code).  As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know the ropes of all different sorts of corporate litigation, including:
  • Disputes between shareholders;
  • Issues regarding prejudiced rights of minority shareholders;
  • Competence fights between managing board and shareholders.

We act for shareholders, management and supervisory boards alike – and the equivalents in non-corporate structures, including many governmental bodies and NGO’s in governance issues.

Although we believe that the best dealmakers and transactional lawyers can advise you regarding corporate issues, true litigators are a different breed. Therefore we formed a team that combines specialists in the relevant fields of dispute resolution, corporate law and insolvency and restructuring to seamless guide you through whatever corporate litigious minefield you step. We walk with you – all the way.

Below are some examples of our corporate litigation work, often anonymous for the obvious reason of confidentiality.

Recently we have assisted:
  • A company in conflict with its fiduciary trust director
  • A foreign company against a Netherlands Antilles company regarding an asset management agreement securing a claim of USD 209 million
  • A waste management company on a breach of guarantees under a Share Purchase Agreement
  • Minority shareholders in large NYSE listed company (trading satellites) in large claim against the management and majority shareholders for mismanagement and tortious acts
  • Netherlands Antilles bank holding company in shareholders conflict re intended redomiciliation
  • Shareholders in dismissal dispute with managing director in industrial company
  • Supervisory Board of an oil distribution company in a dispute with its managing director
  • The majority shareholder in the Curacao Marriott Hotel in the "first Netherlands Antilles contended but successful buy-out procedure of minority shareholders
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