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Moratorium for call center Talent Factory in Curacao

WILLEMSTAD – The court granted call center The Talent Factory moratorium this week. On March 30 the creditors will convene. This is confirmed by Nanne Holtrop of law firm VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne, who was appointed administrator. In the meeting of March 30 it will be considered what the call center’s situation is and whether a restart is possible or bankruptcy will be pronounced.

Shortly before Christmas, the more than 40 employees were told that the holding company had pulled the plug, because the company appeared not to be profitable. The salaries and bonuses of December were not paid. Some of them did receive a check of a few hundred guilders.

Holding company Experience Group in the Netherlands had taken over the bankrupt contact center Leenart & Heemskerk in April. Forty percent of the shares of the Talent Factory Curaçao, established in 2007, was held by them. Co-director Niels van Veen and Rutger Bruin hold the other sixty percent. Experience Group granted TTF a loan in April, but it was reclaimed last month.

The administrator will examine whether a restart might still be possible. This is the case if, for instance, clients can be won back for call instructions. The employees will meanwhile not be dismissed, but they will have no income either. Consequently, they will have to find another job in that period of time. If it appears as yet after three months that the company is not viable, it will have to file for bankruptcy.

Source: Amigoe, January 7, 2012

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