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VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne supports international production 'Tula, the Revolt'

WILLEMSTAD - Various local sponsors have promised to support the prestigious international production 'Tula, the Revolt', of Jeroen Leinders and Dolph van Stapele. Productiebedrijf Fisheye Feature Films publishes a list that is not complete as yet, for that matter.

“These are promised sponsors, we are still conducting talks. Others are expected to follow as yet,” as Kenenth de Weerd of Fisheye announces. The list currently made public includes VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne, Burgers & Fung-A-Loi notarissen, Bokkes Fontein Advocaten, Taxand Curaçao, Tula Foundation, NV Stadsherstel Willemstad, Stichting Monumenten Curaçao, Curoil, UTS, Pietermaai Smal Apartments, Selikor, Chata, Douane Curaçao, Kooijman, Antraco, Avila Hotel, Coca-Cola, Blue Bay Curaçao, Kunuku Aqua Resorts, Kura Hulanda Lodge, KLM, Fisheye Media Productions, and AIC. “Very good. It is fantastic to see that so many companies support this project and contribute to this international production. We are very grateful.”

The sponsors of Tula, the Revolt, will not only be mentioned on the film’s website, but will also get their own credit line in the credits of the film. More information can be found on the website. Keeping updated and posted is also possible through the Facebook page of Tula, the Revolt.


Source local newspaper Antilliaans Dagblas 29 September 2012

The film “Tula, the Revolt” is an international English spoken feature length film about Tula, a national hero in Curacao Dutch Caribbean. He revolted against slavery and led a revolt that appeals to people’s imagination. Tula stood his ground for a long time, but was ultimately caught and executed.

The film’s script is by Curtis Holt Hawkins. Next year, during the 150-year commemoration of the abolishment of slavery, the film has to be shown first.

For more information visit the website:

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