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New board member and member CIFA

CURACAO - In a General Meeting of Members, the CIFA members admitted Sabine Altena to the board as a new board member. She will replace Walter Blijleven, who retired as board member on July 1. Beside Sabine Altena, the CIFA board consists of: Etienne Ys, Eric Paassen, Daisy Carolus, Derk Scheltema, Zuleika Lasten, Wendell Meriaan, Arthur Adams, and Bas Horsten.

Sabine Altena is a lawyer and employed with VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne, having broad experience in corporate law and law of finance. Within corporate law, Sabine is specialized in the setup of new legal structures for both beginning and existing companies. In addition, she advises local and international financial institutions on structuring and regulations concerning investment funds. “With her knowledge and experience, Sabine is a good addition to the knowledge already available on the board,” according to CIFA chairman Etienne Ys.

During the General Meeting of Members, Curacao Technology Exchange (CTEX) N.V. was welcomed as a new CIFA member. CTEX is developing a Tier-IV design and LEED certified data center in Curacao and will offer products and services concerning inter alia cloud computing infrastructure and managed hosting. CIFA is very happy to admit CTEX as a new member of the association and the board believes the CTEX data center will have a positive impact on the international financial sector and on Curacao as a whole.

Economic pillar
The International Financial Sector is an important economic pillar. The sector constitutes 8-10% of the Curacao economy and is an important source of income of foreign currency for Curacao. As interest group of the international financial sector, CIFA acts as a sounding board for the government, supervisors, and monetary authorities, and is committed to the further development of this important sector for the country.

Picture: Arthur Adams, Bas Horsten, Sabine Altena, Etienne Ys, Wendell Meriaan en Derk Scheltema

Source: Dutch Caribbean Legal Portal

Wednesday, 05 September 2012 13:29

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