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Successful seminar legal developments Trust practice

WILLEMSTAD-Last Tuesday, April 24, Curaçao International Financial Services Association (CIFA) and the Curaçao Bar Association organized a successful seminar by the title: “Legal Developments for the Trust Sector: New Opportunities”. During the seminar, legal experts discussed the various amendments to the Civil Code, including the Curaçao Trust.

Over 160 persons were welcomed by Etienne Ys, chairman of CIFA, at Teatro Luna Blou. Subsequently, civil law notary Jan Willem Schenk of Van Doorne from the Netherlands, Jeroen Eichhorn, lawyer with HBN Law, Laurien Dumas, lawyer with VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne, Maike Bergervoet, lawyer with Spigthoff, and civil law notary Henri Burgers of Burgers & Fung-A-Loi Notaries informed the attendants of the implications of the various amendments to the Civil Code of Curaçao for the products and services of Curaçao as an international financial service provider. The most important points discussed in the seminar were the amendments Law of Legal Entities, Private Foundation new style, the Curaçao Trust, Partnerships, and Cross-border Restructuring. Focco Lunsingh Scheurleer was the moderator during the event.

The presentations and lively discussion with the attendants show that progress has certainly been made with the new legislation, but that there are also obscurities and imperfections. This can be solved by further adjusting the new legislation on some minor, specific points. There was consequently a call to quickly follow up on this. This will contribute to Curaçao being able to win back ground as an international financial service center.

Source: CIFA

CIFA Chairman Etienne Ys welcomed attendance.

Laurien Dumas during the presentation about the relevant changes for the trust sector.

Friday, 27 April 2012 12:45

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