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Real Estate & Project Development

Real estate and project development encompass activities that range from simply drawing and constructing a house, via the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings, to the purchase of raw land and the sale of improved parcels to others. In any event, real estate and project development is a team effort. Assembling a team of professionals to address the environmental, economic, physical and political issues inherent in a complex real estate development project is critical. A developer's success depends on the ability to coordinate the completion of a series of interrelated activities efficiently and at the appropriate time.

Our specialized Real Estate & Project Development team assists in the whole process, from governmental approvals via the drafting and handling of agreements to the final delivery of a project. Where conflicts arise, we deal with them confidentially drawing on our strong generic litigious experience and if need be on our knowledge of the public services.

The development process requires skills of many: architects, environmental consultants, engineers, surveyors and, last but not least, lenders to provide financing; and buyers of the projects involved. We advise many of the aforementioned, with the emphasis on project developers, the coordinators of the activities, converting ideas into real property; financiers, lending the money needed; and (potential) buyers.

Our focused core Real Estate & Project Development team consists of one specialized partner and several associates. They spend the majority of their time on the specific legal framework and the typical issues at hand in this industry.

Recently we have assisted:
  • (U)SONA, commissioned by the Curaçao government, in all legal aspects (procurement, contracting, permits and financing) regarding the construction of the new Hospital Nobo Otrabanda in Curaçao.
  • A bank in the financing of the Aruba Holiday Inn
  • A bank in the financing of the Santa Barbara Hyatt Hotel Project in Curacao
  • A hotel in litigation contesting a building permit and against a neighboring hotel regarding unlawful construction works
  • Bonaire’s housing association regarding procurement and contracting and also the realization of real estate projects.
  • Clients in proceedings concerning the raise of the ground rent, with the result that the raise had to be reversed by the local government in 600 individual cases.
  • Fondo de Valores Inmobiliarios as their legal advisor in relatio to corporate issues, real estate and employment regarding the developer of Blue Mall in St. Maarten.
  • Mota-Engil in the tender procedure for the USD 100 mln PPP project for the development of the Watty Vos Boulevard in Aruba. The project comprises the design, construction, financing and maintenance of the 7 kilometer boulevard, including 13 intersections and 2 overpasses.
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