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Professional Services

As high end professional service providers, we know your selection criteria: skill, knowledge, reputation, ethics, and creativity. In addition, pricing is of the essence.Alternative pricing methods are our daily practice. Besides competitive hourly fees, we are used to working with fixed rates for projects, fee estimates, volume discounts, etc. Last but not least, punctuality in terms of both time and quality is core to our processes. We always try to exceed our clients’ expectations. And how do you measure all of this? Trust! We are very proud to be able to say that many of the leading professional service providers in the world choose us as their trusted advisor, over and over again.

Due to the geographical location and historical position of the islands and countries where we are rendering our services, a substantial part of our business emanates from other professional service providers. All of our lawyers in all of our practice areas provide services to other service providers on an almost daily basis.

Other law firms, accountants and tax advisors in particular act as intermediates or as direct clients of our firm. In addition, appraisers, architects and real estate brokerage firms also use our services, especially in the real estate and project development area. Our specialized Telecommunication, Media & Technology team, often works with software engineers and web developers. 

Recently we have assisted:
  • AIC as arranging agent of a bond loan of US $110 million for the St. Maarten Harbour Group of Companies
  • Guardian Group Fatum as their legal counsel regarding a variety of commercial law areas, such as insurance law, liability, financing and employment.
  • Litigation on the termination of contracts for professional services
  • Simmons & Simmons with compiling matrixes in the field of lending, securities and banking.
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