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Client Industries

Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods are goods that are consumed every day by consumers and that need to be replaced frequently, compared to those that are usable for extended periods of time. We work for several fast moving consumer goods producers but also for luxury brands and retailers.
Recently we have assisted:
  • A local retail company on the restructuring of its trademark portfolio
  • Adidas in a major counterfeit dispute in Curacao
  • Fondo de Valores Inmobiliarios - the project developer of Blue Mall in St. Maarten - as their legal advisor in relation to corporate issues, real estate and employment
  • Glaxxo Smith Kline, G-Star, Nutricia and Philip Morris, amongst others, in infringement cases
  • K-Swiss in trademark infringement proceedings in Curacao
  • K-Swiss, Nike, Nutricia and many others in counterfeit injunction proceedings
  • McDonald's Latin America's Netherlands Antilles' activities acquisition financing
  • Publisher of road maps in copyrights-infringement proceedings
  • Seizure of a large number of image carriers in Curacao and Aruba
  • The leading distributor, import and export company in Aruba in a contracting law dispute
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