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Energy & Natural Resources

Companies active in the energy and natural resources industries are constantly facing environmental challenges,  a changing regulatory framework and a worldwide demand for sustainable energy. Companies are being transformed and are facing strategic problems. (Former) utility companies are often dealing with parallel issues.

In the Caribbean and Surinam, we assist major players in the field of traditional and sustainable energy and other natural resources such as water, mining and lumber. Many state-owned enterprises are long-standing clients.

Our specialized lawyers provide assistance on the complex matters that characterize this sector. For instance, we are involved with energy contracts, strategic forms of cooperation, dispute resolution, ‘power asset’-transactions, financing, environmental law and public sector issues. Furthermore, we are involved in drafting legislation.

Electricity and drinking water Act BES
For instance, in Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba, new legislation is currently being developed in order to regulate the production and distribution of electricity and drinking water. On 1 November, the consultation phase in this regard was closed, and VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne has contributed with a reaction to the draft act.

This consultation reaction is public and can be downloaded here (in Dutch). The draft act and explanatory memorandum  can be found here (English versions at the bottom of the page).  



Recently we have assisted:
  • A state owned utility company against Island Government of Curacao in relation to tariffs of electricity and water
  • A state owned utility company on collective labor agreements
  • A wind energy park in the Netherlands in its realization
  • AIB Bank and other lenders in 227 million florins financing of utility company W.E.B. Aruba
  • Alternative energy resources players on legal structures
  • An energy company in proceedings against its former managing director
  • Aqualectra, the Curacao based power company, on a Power Purchase Agreement with NuCapital to expand windmill parks on Curacao
  • Bonaire’s community solar project in its realization and procurement
  • Curacao Oil Refinery in litigation in relation to strike of personnel
  • IUH N.V. ("Aqualectra") in a corporate governance scan
  • National Investment Bank in a loan for utility company Elmar in Aruba
  • NuStar Energy in a procedure against St.Eustatius Monument Foundation regarding an oil terminal on St.Eustatius
  • Petrochemical industries and airports on the BES islands regarding environmental permits
  • Refineria di Korsou (Curacao Oil Refinery) as part of a government appointed working group that advises on the ‘Future of the Refinery’ program in Curacao
  • State energy facility on Curacao in re-financing of its loans
  • Supervisory Board of an oil distribution company in a dispute with its managing director
  • Utility company WEB in a dispute regarding reconnecting electricity on Bonaire
  • Utility company WEB on a power purchase with Ecopower to deliver wind energy on Bonaire
  • Various energy companies, such as GEBE, NuStar and Curoil, regarding various corporate governance related issues.
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