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Client Industries


Several regional and international airline companies frequently use our services. We also assist international clients with the registration of their aircraft, and both financiers and owners with the financing of their man-made flying devices.

Aviation Flyer 

Recently we have assisted:
  • A US airline with the introduction of a new route to St. Maarten
  • AeroCentury Corp. with the purchase of two Fokker 100 aircraft from an affiliate of Pembroke Group Ltd. and the lease of both aircraft to Dutch Antilles Express B.V. (“DAE”)
  • Air Lease Corporation with the purchase and transfer of an Airbus aircraft, its re-registration in Aruba and the lease thereof
  • Aviation Capital Group in the financing of the acquisition of Airbus aircraft
  • Banks in the financing and registration of aircraft
  • Provincial Airlines in relation to the purchase and delivery of aircraft and recruitment of employees of Provincial Airlines in Curacao
  • Signature Flight with its acquisition of Arrindell Aviation Services in St. Maarten
  • The acquisition of a controlling interest in an airport.
  • Trustee in cross border bankruptcies of Air Aruba and the Air ALM Group
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