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Bankruptcy Lehman Brothers Securities N.V.

General Information

Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Securities N.V.

On 30 January 2009 the Court of First Instance of the Netherlands Antilles, venue Curacao, adjudicated bankrupt the limited liability company Lehman Brothers Securities N.V., (“LBS”) seated in Curacao, appointing Ms. A.M.P. Geelhoed as supervising judge in charge of the bankruptcy and Mr. Michiel R.B. Gorsira as bankruptcy trustee. Mr. A.J. Beukenhorst has been appointed as the supervisory judge (the “Supervisory Judge”) as of October 2010. On 24 May 2011 the Supervisory Judge appointed Mr. Robert F. van Beemen as bankruptcy trustee in the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Securities N.V. alongside Mr. Michiel R.B. Gorsira (the “Bankruptcy Trustees”).

Court Documents

Bankruptcy Reports and Notices

The information regarding the bankruptcy of LBS will be published through bankruptcy reports and notices. The Bankruptcy Trustees will publish the bankruptcy reports on a quarterly basis.

Cross-Border Insolvency Protocol

The Bankruptcy Trustees are party to the Cross-Border Insolvency Protocol for the Lehman Brothers Group of Companies (the “Protocol”). The purpose of the Protocol is to come to an efficient winding-up of the companies of the Lehman Brothers Group by facilitating the coordination between the various official representatives and the courts involved.

The Protocol intends, among other issues, to provide for a consistent and measured approach to the calculation and adjudication of intercompany claims that avoids unnecessary intercompany litigation. The Bankruptcy Trustees also stress that the Protocol does not aim to restrict or limit any rights the Bankruptcy Trustees or creditors may have under Curacao law.  

Official Representatives Report

Please click here for the Report of Activities, through January 15, 2010, of the Official Representatives and Other Participating Affiliates Pursuant to the Cross-Border Insolvency Protocol for the Lehman Brothers Group of Companies (the "Report"). The Report was finalized during the third protocol meeting in New York and signed by the co-chairs, Edward S. Middleton and Rutger Schimmelpenninck, on January 15, 2010. 

$ 5.174 Billion settlement by Curacao Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy Trustees

The Bankruptcy Trustees have reached an agreement with Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (“LBHI”) to support LBHI’s and its U.S. affiliated debtors’ Third Amended Plan. The settlement agreement also provides LBS with  i) an allowed intercompany claim of $ 5.174 billion against LBHI; ii) an allowed intercompany claim of $ 74.6 million against Lehman Brothers Special Financing Inc.; and iii) an allowed derivative claim of $ 1.3 million against Lehman Brothers Commercial Corporation.

Settlement between LBS Trustees and Lehman Brothers Finance SA

The Bankruptcy Trustees have reached an agreement with Lehman Brothers Finance SA (“LBF”) regarding the allowance of LBF’s claim into the LBS estate. The settlement agreement provides LBF with an allowed intercompany claim of $ 4,411 billion against LBS. The agreement was approved by the Supervisory judge on 8 November 2012 after full endorsement by all the members of the LBS provisional creditors committee.

On 7 June 2013 the Trustees and the LBI Trustee have entered into a full and final settlement agreement, whereby LBS has an allowed customer claim in the LBI SIPA proceeding, in the amount of USD 2,416,367.11. The settlement agreement has been approved by both the US Bankruptcy Court and the Supervisory Judge in Curacao.